The happiest mommy to be – ever!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It was such an honor when Katie chose me to capture this time in their lives, especially after she told me their story and I knew how important these images were to her.  She gave me permission to share her story, “if I can give someone hope that is struggling with infertility I don’t want to miss the opportunity, it’s such a lonely place.”  She had always dreamed of being a mommy, they had tried IVF three times and were unsuccessful, they had finally found peace in the fact that she probably wouldn’t ever have the experience of being pregnant and had decided to look at different routes of becoming parents.  They were starting to investigate adoption when they found out she was pregnant.  It happened on its own, they were overjoyed.  She started having complications and was nervous that she would be put on bed rest so we decided to move her maternity shoot up a few weeks, she was devasted when she was hospitalized and had to possibly cancel the session, she had waited so long to be pregnant and is was really important to her to capture it since she didn’t think it would be likely happen again, this is their miracle baby.  She was released after a few days and would be allowed to stay home as long as she could regulate her dangerously high blood pressure.  She got the ok to reschedule her session, we just had to tweak our plans a bit and do it at the studio to make it as easy as possible.  She was so excited during the shoot but was overwhelmed when we got together to view the pictures for the first time.  She looked gorgeous and was tearing up as she told me she never thought this would happen and how amazing it was to see herself pregnant as she had always dreamed.   That is one lucky baby to come to parents that are so invested and committed to being the best parents that they can.  We are sending good vibes that this little guy stays inside as long as possible and that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly.  Good luck Katie and Kyle!  We love you!!





2 responses to “The happiest mommy to be – ever!”

  1. Nancy Stelmach says:

    Katie & Kyle – what absolutely beautiful, joyful photos! I “know” you through your mom and Creative Memories and we’ve all been rooting for you guys these months. So excited for you – these photos have captured the joy and guys have and will be a treasure always.
    We will continue to pray for you two and your baby. God is good – All the time!
    Nancy Stelmach
    Katy TX

  2. Lorlie Watson says:

    Katie & Kyle,
    I am so happy for you and your parents! You will make the best parents to this wee one! Take it easy and get that blood pressure down!



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