Check out this special Family!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This family was great to work with, mom was over the moon excited!   Grandma actually gifted them this session with a collection for Christmas, it was the perfect gift.  Mom was totally nervous and kept telling me how hard her three year old was to photograph they had had bad experiences in the past so she was pretty anxious about how this one would go with two little guys.  We talked about what to expect and our plan and she was excited.  She told me about Eli,  his condition and that he would need to wear sunglasses outside, Eli has Albinism, you can read more about it in this article, it is one mom posted on facebook, we talked about it and agree that any chance you have to educate people is a good one, I try to educate or answer questions about my son’s Ty medical issues whenever I can.  I have to admit since she mentioned it during our preconsult I  wasn’t quite sure what to expect, of course he was just like any other little boy, playful and fun, he was just super sensitive to the light, and had to hold his head down a bit to let his eyes focus, one of the characteristics of Albinism is vision impairment.  We got some pics in the studio so that he wouldn’t have to wear his glasses then went outside for the rest.  The boys did great, Eli and I were fast friends and we ended up with some fabulous images that mom didn’t think were possible.  Thanks grandma and mom for trusting me to give you a good experience, it was so wonderful to get to know your family!




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  1. Kirsty @ My Home Truths says:

    These photos are beautiful – Eli looks like a gorgeous little man. Thanks, too, for linking to my article. My hope is to raise more awareness of albinism and hopefully increase understanding and acceptance. Thanks so much for showing that albinism is beautiful and not a difference that should be feared.

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