Dustin + Kristyn

Monday, August 12, 2013

Loving my couples this summer!  Kristyn and Dustin were so head over heels for each other, they were totally smitten, it was so great to hear their love story about how they connected during our first meeting.  They checked into each other from afar, then went back and forth on facebook and finally met for coffee, after that the rest was history, they knew it was meant to be, they had an instant connection and their fairytale romance began.  They both are safe, spiritual, dedicated, kind, respectful but fun and a bit goofy, they have amazing friends and supportive family.  A pretty great set up for an amazing life if you ask me.  We had a blast together on their big day.  I loved how excited Kristyn was to see Dustin and how blown away he was by his gorgeous bride.  We had a blast running around town getting great shots of them including them playing cards, (they are crazy for speed, and super competetive, even on their wedding day, there weren’t cutting eachother any slack) We wanted Dad to have a special moment seeing his daughter for the first time as well and I had to share – you know I am a sucker for father, daughter pics.  After the beautiful ceremony it was off to the fun filled reception, while the guests were enjoying their dinner the wedding party took a spin in the golf carts for some last of the daylight fun, (some of my favs)  It was a beautiful day!! Congrats you guys!!! xoxoxo








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