All boys in the house – (and a happy mom :) )

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I took Luke’s senior pics last year and got to know his mom and dad a little bit during that process.  I thought they were fantastic people.  Mom kept hinting during the senior ordering meeting how much she would love family pics, they hadn’t done one forever, if at all, it would mean the world to her to have all of the boys together and a great image of all of them hanging on her wall.  Well –  we got a sneaky call from Dad a few months later that he wanted to purchase a gift certificate for her for Mother’ Day so that she could have the family session and picture she had been dreaming of.  She was so excited! (no pressure right?)  The boys are obsessed with soccer and they have a million multicolored shoes all over their house so she wanted to be sure and get them in their soccer stuff and them hanging out.  The thing I loved most about this family is how well they vibed together.  Obviously they didn’t walk along the lane holding hands and sprinkling fairy dust, they were normal boys messing around, roughing each other up but you could tell they were together a lot and that they really liked and cared for each other, when I asked them to get together they just fell into place naturally, just kind of threw their arms around one another like it was no big deal, they were just hanging out, totally comfortable together.  It was great to see.   I can’t wait to see their canvases hanging on their wall :)




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