Austin + Danielle

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I loved this couple!  We had such an amazing time during their engagement shoot (see it here – one of my favs – jaw droppping gorgeous scenery )  I was so excited for their wedding day.  They totally impressed me, and now I love them even more if that’s possible?  The wedding was at a church in Red Lodge but the reception was outdoors under a white tent, meant to take advantage of the amazing views of mountain ranges at her parent’s home.  Everything was geared to being outside and the many out of town guests enjoying the wide open Montana landscape.   As you might have guessed it poured rain the majority of the day.  I have to admit I was nervous as I approached the Historic Pollard Hotel where the birdal party was getting ready,  I knew Danielle was remarkable, but lets face it, most brides in the same situation would be freaking out.  She stayed calm, cool and collected the entire time.  They had the nicest wedding party ever, everyone was flexible and wonderful, not one person complained or made a stink, they were ready and just shot in few sparse moments of reprieve we had from the rain.  Whenever the weather would come up everyone would just say, there is nothing we can do about it we should just enjoy the day.  Such fabulous attitudes!  Jim Gainan did an amazing job collaborating with Danielle and then transforming the tent into the most magical atmosphere.  He was amazed at how quickly his request for a truckload of hay was fufilled to sop up the boggy ground outside of the tent, so that guests had a comfortable place to enter their cozy walled tent for the enchanted evening.  His quick thinking made the weather a non issue for the outdoor event.   Of course the flowers were gorgeous and details spot on as well.  Carbon County Steakhouse did an amazing job with the food, it was delicious and presented beautifully, the menu was interesting, and their staff was great, I would highly recommend them.  The live band was terrific, have you heard of Little Jane and the Pistol Whips? If not you need to check them out.  They were amazing!  They were the perfect balance of fun and knew when to slow it down.  They kept everyone dancing and having a blast the entire night.  Even though the weather was a bit crazy on the outside it was warm and cozy inside that beautiful tent where Danielle and Austin were surrounded by family and friends sharing in their love of each other.  I have no doubt they have a life full of love and happiness ahead.

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