ahhh to be in the warm sun again…… and a lightbulb moment

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It seems so strange we were returning from this warm, fabulous sun filled place where the kids even complained a few times about how hot it was just one week ago!  Coming home and being welcomed by freezing temps and tons of snow just made us realize how lucky we were to have our little trip away and to feel the sun on our faces, play outside, ride in golf carts, hike, spend relaxing time with family and lather on sunscreen poolside, it was heaven!

People always assume my kids are the most photographed kids ever, having a pro photographer as a mom, sadly that’s not the case.   I was going through images from 2013 trying to put together our Christmas card a couple of months ago and it was tough to find anything – it was kind of devastating.  I spend so much time photographing other people’s important moments and families, something I love, but when I get home the camera gets put away.  I have thought for the last couple of years that I was doing myself a favor, living in the present, enjoying each moment instead of being worried about capturing everything, trying to separate “work” and homelife. I think there is some truth to that but have realized there has to be a balance, it was so sad to realize that I haven’t used my skills to capture my own children’s everyday moments the way that I should have, I haven’t taken them out enough to just grab a couple of quick shots every few months to see how they are changing.  Taylor is getting braces in a few weeks, I looked back at iphone pics and noticed how much she had changed just since the fall when I grabbed a pic on my phone as she was headed into school with her bday donuts for her class, that was one of the moments that made me teary, they are getting big so fast! Way too fast!  They are changing almost before my eyes and my goal this year is to document it a little better, it doesn’t matter if its technically perfect, the lighting doesn’t have to be ideal, I just need to be able to have those missing teeth grins, the moments when they are playing and laughing together.  I’m also going to try and grab a few where they actually have their hair brushed and the light is beautiful, they deserve to have at least one beautiful shoot a year.  I thought the Phoenix desert and it’s golden sunset light would be the perfect place to start.  Were the kids complaining and grumpy at the thought of a shoot?  of course! a shoot with “mom” isn’t like going to a shoot with a “photographer”, they have always been good when we do our family shoots with others.  They were not ideal at the beginning, I started with Taylor by herself,  took her to the side, we got going and I showed her her shot on the back of the camera she finally saw how beautiful she was, how everyone else sees her.  I do this for others but to do this for my own daughter was  beyond words. We both got quiet, teary and hugged.  It was magic.  This is going to be a good thing.

kidsphotography1 kidsphotography2

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