These two are so sweet together!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kirsten for a few years now through her fabulous family, I was over the moon for her when I heard that she was engaged to a great guy.  I was so excited to work with them and see the two of them together, all lovey dovey.  It was obvious that they completely adore each other, he was quite the gentleman without even giving it a second thought, it was a freezing, icy day, and he always had an arm out lovingly there to guide and protect in case she slipped, I don’t know if she could even see, but it is the best type of love to witness, a deep respect and gentle love that is very dear.  They are a great pair.   They grew up together as friends and were crowned high school royalty,  it is straight out of a fairy tale that their paths have crossed again.  I am so happy for them and the wonderful life they will share together.

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