Judd + Reagan – Engagement, Billings, MT

Friday, April 4, 2014

I loved working with Reagan and Judd and getting to know them!!  I can’t wait for their wedding this fall.  They knew each other in high school but hung in different crowds she was a cheerleader, he wasn’t…….. They met up a few years later and it was meant to be.  They are the perfect example of ying and yang,  she is outgoing and bubbly, he is more quiet and go with the flow.  He is a diesel technician she is a elementary school/ piano teacher.  She loves to dress up, he is happiest in relaxed jeans and a tee shirt.  They compliment each other and balance one another out so perfectly.  It was sweet to see them interact, to be loving and have fun together.  They are a great couple!!

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  1. Florence Eickstaedt says:


    The pictures are great and I can only predict a long
    and happy life for you!!

    Love and Blessings,

    Florence and Michael

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