Tender Moments

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I was very honored when I received a call from Trish and she explained the type of session that she wanted.  She had been diagnosed with breast cancer the previous week and was headed in the day after our session for a mastectomy.  She wanted to be sure and capture the special, playful, tender relationship with her amazing hubby, her rock.  She wanted to do a session before the mastectomy and then after the prognosis, treatment and after she beat it.  She is a get it done kind of ranch gal, she doesn’t hold anything back, says it like it is, after talking with her it seems like this is the way she approaches most things in life.  Let’s take care of it, do what we need to do and get it done.  An amazing attitude when hit with a hard diagnosis.

It was important to Trish to have great art with the love of her life, their story is quite amazing, they met as teenagers when he was working on the ranch, she ignored him, time passed on, they both went their separate ways, had their own families then met up again later when the time was right,  she says they wouldn’t have worked when they were younger, they needed to grow into the people that they are now, now they are meant to be together. Life’s experiences have molded them and helped them become each other’s best friends and rocks.  They are sarcastic, playful, love to laugh, but sweet and loving at the same time, there is complete adoration when they look into each others eyes, a deep love and respect that has developed over the years.  They are amazing together, I’m so happy for them that they found each other again.  Trish’s surgery went well, I spoke with her a couple of days after and she was up and running around doing physical therapy, ready to beat this thing.  They removed a tumor that was much larger than anticipated and had only effected one lymph node, they had caught it just in time, the doctors told her one more week might have made the difference.  She will undergo various therapies, they weren’t sure exactly how they were going to tackle it until she had healed a bit more from the surgery but she was optimistic, thankful that she went in when she did, that she listened to her gut.  Thankful for her rock, as well as friends and family support.  Our prayers are with you over the next few months Trish! I was amazed how great you looked a few days after surgery, you are an amazing women with a great man by your side, thank you for letting me into your life during this time!

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