Diversity Dance

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I was so excited when Diversity called me about photographing a session with their school, so that we could capture a few shots of each of their company groups in an unconventional way, we wanted to do a casual group shot as well as a more distinctive dance look, you’ll see a sample of both here .  We had a very limited amount of time with each team and they all nailed it, what a wonderful group of girls!  They all worked together so well to get the shot and had a great time doing it, it was so fun to watch them work it.  The girls were giddy and excited, such a fun vibe but when it was time to get to work they were totally professional and did what they needed to do on queue in a short amount of time, it was really impressive.  It was a blast for me since I had shot some of these girls before and got to meet some fabulous new friends.  I loved working with all of them!   It was an awesome afternoon!  It was so hard to choose which images to show……all of the girls did such an amazing job!!!  I can’t wait for them to see the rest!!






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