Mt Girl Brings Home her East Coast Boy for the Holidays and Some Engagement Pics – True Love – Billings, MT Engagement Photographer

Monday, December 8, 2014

This hot raised in Montana girl brought her fab East coast boy home for the holidays and their engagement shoot,  I was so glad when she called me.  They were a blast to work with, they were hysterical.  They were so sweet together, they have known each other through work for the last 5 years and just noticed the other then finally hit at off at a work conference and from then on it was fireworks.  After six months of serious dating they knew it was meant to be, decided why wait and will be tying the knot soon.  They were super thoughtful of one another but loved to make each other laugh and giggle, they were awesome.  She calls him her Guido so I had to get this black and white pic in the middle even though it wasn’t in the line up, it ended up being one of my favs.  The bottom right pic was taken in her parents pool house that her grandparents decorated and it remains with all of the original furniture in tact, she has great memories there so we of course had to work that fun room.  It was a wonderful session, I couldn’t be more excited for these two love birds!! xoxo

Engagement1 Engagement2

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