Life changing image for our family!! – Your support would mean so much!! – Montana Photographer

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here is is – my little man Ty – this picture is huge for us!!! This is a larger than life moment that was built up over years!  Ty has Hemophilia A a blood disorder that prevents bleeds from forming a clot, this is lifelong illness with no current cure.   Ty spent years at home and at family camps trying to learn how to self infuse. He has been working up the courage for as long as I can remember.  He was a pro at sticking others, his awesome sisters have even been the guinea pigs.  But imagine how hard it is to poke yourself.  A little secret – they tried to teach me in college how to self infuse and I wussed out.  It’s not just a shot but actually getting the vein like an IV.  Pretty amazing for an 8 year old!!!  The treatment to keep Ty at “normal”clotting levels is giving him an IV factor replacement.   Ty takes the infusions like a champ.   This wouldn’t be possible without our chapter Rocky Mountain Hemophilia.  This group serves families in Wyoming and Montana we hold education days and family camp once a year.  Here our families get together, bring in educators to teach the parents and youth how to deal with the many issues that arise with chronic illnesses and form relationships that help Ty get through tricky times, where he otherwise would have felt like the only kid in the world dealing with certain problems.  This chapter also has a patient assistance fund to help families that may be in need due to medical expenses.  It has made a huge difference in our lives.  We are holding our major fundraiser on Sept12th at the zoo, it is our second year in Billings and we would love your support!  Please go to this link to donate and/or join our team Ty’s Crew, tell your friends – yell it from the rooftops the more people the better!  We will have a rock climbing wall, face painting, and free admission to the zoo with registration.  It will be a great family activity just a quick lap around the zoo visit the animals, and support a great cause.  Register and donate ASAP so you can get your very own Ty’s Crew 3 t-shirt.  The smile on his face when he sees his friends and people with his t-shirts at the walk is priceless.  To know that people love and support him in indescribable.  Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us in the past, it has meant so much to our family!!!!


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