I am honored to be an area coordinator of the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, an organization of professional photographers gifting their services to families suffering the loss of an infant. Please visit the NILMDTS website to learn more about this important, compassionate work.

Jana is the exclusive photographer for Simply Family magazine. You'll see her photos on every cover and within the pages, illustrating many of the articles.

There are times in each of our lives when we wish we had a camera with us to capture everyday events. I’m one of these. But when my father passed away, and I found I had only those candid snapshots of our special relationship, I realized how important it is to beautifully (professionally) and perfectly capture the magic of life’s simple moments.

When my first child was born, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I set out to learn how to permanently preserve in pictures the precious moments in my family’s life. I set out to pursue my interest in photography.

I study all around the country with renowned, highly specialized professionals in order to continue to refine and master the art and science of natural light photography. My passion, efforts, and investments have paid off: I have learned optimal techniques for maximizing the beautiful effects of natural light on my clients.

Years of experience as a professional photographer have taught me that collaboration, technique, and my natural instincts consistently yield the best images. These skills allow me to ensure that each session is unique and distinctive as I connect with the people I’m working with, evoke natural emotions, and draw out the perfect individuality of each person. I enjoy putting even the most reluctant clients at ease.

If I were to describe my work I would say that my photos tell stories; they not only capture warmth but also reflect a touch of whimsy. My goal with all of my clients is to reveal their best selves – the perfection I see when I look through my lens.

I have been so gratified in my career to have worked with glowing moms-to be, seniors full of possibility, love-struck couples, precious newborns, joyous families, and radiant brides. With every session, I am entrusted with capturing the joys of life in the moment, and that is truly a privilege.