“We had our son’s senior pictures taken with Jana. What a wonderful experience! He came away from the afternoon feeling confident and excited about his pictures. She had so many great ideas to capture who he was at that moment in his life, and yet was also open to his ideas. She valued his opinion and that meant a lot to him. What I love about Jana is she is not just another photographer. She is an artist. She is gifted with an eye for beauty and composition. Her portraits speak to you and wrap you into their stories – artwork to be treasured for generations. We are blessed to have Jana Graham in our community.”
Katie Thompson
“Jana Graham is able to capture LIFE in her images. Her photographs are so natural and emotional that it feels as if you are entering a moment in time. You can almost hear the child’s laughter, or smell the newborn baby smell. Her work is true art…orchestrated magic.Jana is able to quickly form a relationship with her clients. She has a true gift of patience and humor without losing her professional demeanor. These traits allow a child or family to trust Jana and become comfortable.I treasure the photographs that Jana has done for us. The images are ones of real life, not posed forced smiles. To me they are an investment as I will always have visual memories of my authentic family.”
Amy Fink
“I love the photos Jana has taken of my family. The newborn photos she took for us were so amazing… she captured such sweet moments that we’ll be able to look back on forever! Jana creates such a laid back and relaxing environment when doing a photo shoot. She makes it a fun experience for everyone! I couldn’t be more pleased with the work she has done for us and I look forward to many more shoots in the future!”
Dana Sorenson
“Hiring Jana for our wedding was the best decision we ever made! Though my husband is not the photogenic type (he will be the first to admit it!). Jana was able to make us feel comfortable and our photographs turned out amazing. Her personality, professionalism, and artistic style meshed perfectly with what we were looking for. She was able to capture all of the little moments that we will cherish forever. There is no one else that we would have been able to trust with these precious moments.”
Kelsey Larson Daer
“Jana came into our life three years ago when she took Peanut’s three-month pictures and has been a part of our family ever since. Jana has a gift that allows her to truly capture the essence of our family. She is an amazing lady full of talent, kindness and patience. I love her work but most of all I love her as a person and that is why I will keep returning year after year. Thank you Jana!!!!!!”
Wendi Baillie
“2 years ago I was looking to get some family photos done and went in search of a (flexible) photographer who would capture our family the way we REALLY are. My husband I were going on an anniversary trip to Hawaii and I really wanted something for my children to remember us by, if God forbid the plane went down. At the time, my kids were ages 1 and 2 so the challenge of getting a great photo was a big one. It was important to me to get something really candid, outdoors and fun-loving. I initially settled in on a well known photographer and met with them about what to wear etc. prior to the sitting: they were intent on having us in matching outfits, set formally and indoors because as the photographer’s assistant put it, “it is just too hard to get children to behave and get good pictures outdoors.” I was really bummed and discouraged because this did not fit the “picture of what I had in mind. Then I spotted Jana’s work: BINGO!! This was exactly what I was looking for. I promptly canceled our other sitting and visited directly with Jana about what I was looking for. She was enthusiastic and knew exactly what we wanted immediately. Being a mom herself, she was very patient with my kids and captured us PERFECTLY.  I am ever-so-grateful to have found someone to capture my family like she has. She will be our designated “historian/photographer” for life. In fact, Jana is not only great at family photography, but the following fall as the need for updated business photos arrived, Jana was my first call. She did a great job there too – I am constantly stopped and asked who did these “unstuffy, but professional looking business photos”…. it was Jana of course! Not only is Jana extremely talented, but she is versatile too!!! Thank you Jana!!!
Ginny Jensen, mom and realtor with Century 21