New baby Cuteness – Newborn Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Friday, December 15, 2017

This was the cutest little babe! His big brother wanted nothing to do with me at the beginning then we were best friends by the end of the shoot – I love when that happens. This baby was the sweetest and has the most laid back parents, they just laughed when he pooped all over Mom and then peed on Dad. I love when they go with the flow and adore every moment. This is such a fabulous fam!



JGP Street Team – Senior Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

So in love with these girls and their willingness to serve! We helped at the Head Start Christmas dinner, and it was fabulous! So great to see adorable kiddos so excited to see Santa. We have such a great group this year, they each bring so much to our team with their different strengths. xoxo



Mariah – Laurel High – Class of 2018 – Senior Photographer Billings – Montana Photographer

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mariah has the biggest heart! She is a total animal lover and couldn’t live without her dogs. She wants to be a vet tech after graduating. She is super artistic, she loves to draw and play with makeup – if she had an extra $100 she would be makeup every time. She loves coffee and skittles and is excited about being a senior but finds it a little stressful. Her advice for incoming freshman – “don’t be annoying” Good call Mariah! She looked absolutely gorgeous for her shoot and I’m so glad we got to hang.




Such a fun little mini – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I love working with families over again and seeing how much their kiddos have grown over the past year. This family is pretty great, their kiddos are hysterical and Mom and Dad are fab! We had fun hiking in the rims during our mini, it was windy and chilly but they were troopers and killed it! xoxo


It was a gorgeous winter day! – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The sun was shining and it wasn’t super freezing so I will chalk that up to a gorgeous winter day! I love meeting new people and then discovering all of our connections, this is a small world!! This is such a great family! They are so good together a love to laugh and have fun. Lots of jokes all around during this mini :)


Simply Family Covers – Family Photographers – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

I am so bad about blogging or posting the covers from Simply Family Magazine but this family is just the cutest! I am so lucky to get to meet and work with so many different people for the magazine, I love shooting all of their covers. They are amazing peeps and put out a fabulous product.

Can you believe its almost December? – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Monday, November 27, 2017

So much love pouring out of this little fam. They are completely enamored with each other and so sweet. Brother and sis were super kind and he was the best big bro, totally watching out for her every step of the way. I loved their interactions, especially how much fun they had together, so many laughs and cuddles in gorgeous light – it doesn’t get much better! They are pretty fabulous! Can you believe it’s almost December! Seeing her work the red scarf got me into the holiday mood. It’s crazy that Christmas is almost here! xoxo




Thankful hearts – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Friday, November 24, 2017

This time of year always reminds us of all of our many blessings, so much gratitude for everything from my family to the little things like my favorite snack, popcorn. This is one of the reasons why I love my job, I get to capture and help people remember all the good and bad things, all of the feels, that is my goal. Is life always fabulous and rainbows and unicorns? – definitely not. But we still need to remember, these are the things that make us strong and make us who we are. All of these pieces and little details, bumps along the road and times we get to coast and enjoy life these make us unique, caring people, understanding of each others circumstances. Little hands reading with Dad, cuddling in the safety of Mom’s arms during quiet moments, these are the things we want to remember. I love home sessions, it especially allows for organic goodness to happen on its own, everyone does their everyday things and this is what makes us us. When this sweet toddler put on her Dad’s shoes and started clomping around the house I died. How I wish I had pics like that of my teenager when she was little. As my kids are getting older, I find myself shooting more of the little things that I miss most. Those little details and movements that seem like nothing at the time but give us all the feels.






Sweet Love Birds – Wedding Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I took a little bit of a break this summer from weddings, my first born started High School and it kind of freaked me out. Time is going way too fast and I didn’t want to miss anything with her I only have a few more years left with her at home. But, I realized she is so busy with sports camps etc I probably didn’t need to clear every weekend so I will be taking limited weddings next year :) Plus I missed my gorgeous blushing brides and those lasting relationships that are formed. I couldn’t say no when I learned that one of my girls I shot as a senior was getting married this fall. She was so beautiful and everyone was such a champ on the windiest day in history. She was still all smiles and didn’t let it phase her. We were lucky enough to get into some trees for fabulous couple shots out of the wind, but the family shots by the temple were hilarious with everyones hair going crazy. It’s all part of the story of their amazing day. They are so sweet together, completely enamored it was a fabulous day! Congrats you two! xoxo2017-11-21_0002





Jack – Central High – Class of 2017 – Senior Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Monday, November 20, 2017

Great senior mini with this guy! I loved getting to know him and his Mom. We have mutual friends so it’s crazy I haven’t met them before, so it was great finally hang out for a bit – they are pretty fab! No doubt he has a bright future ahead!