Gentry – Central High – JGP Street Team – Class of 2018 – Senior Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Thursday, October 19, 2017

This girl blew me away! What a transformation between this shoot and her street team “mini” shoot in March. She was absolutely beautiful in both, of course, but her confidence was on another level during this full shoot. She totally came out of her shell and was dancing around and posing all over the place for me. It is so fun for me to see little transformations like this, because I can always see how gorgeous, inside and out, these young woman are, but sometimes it takes awhile for them to believe it. Gentry has two cute little sisters that I got to hang with during the shoot and she is a wonderful big sis to them. She sings in the choir at her school and is also on the basketball team. She told me greatest advice for incoming freshman, which is “Know that everyone is changing. Your friends freshman year might not be your friends senior year, and that’s okay. Let people change.” I LOVE that and will definitely be telling it to my kids. So glad I got to work with this wonderful senior! LOVE her!!





Austin – Skyview High – Class of 2018 – Senior Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I photographed this handsome guys older sister a few years ago and was super excited to meet and work with him. He loves to play soccer and hang out with friends and want to study business or engineering after he graduates. You can win him over with donuts but don’t lie – that’s his pet peeve. The worst thing about being a senior is thinking about leaving home forever. His advice to incoming freshman – enjoy it while it lasts – don’t rush!




The cutest little miss is one!! – Baby Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

We’ve watched her grow over the last year and she is pretty amazing! We’ve fallen in love with her sweet little smile and easy going personality. She is such a chill babe. She dove right into her delicious cupcake and was all smiles. She loves to coo and run to keep up with her big sister. I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing human becomes. xoxo



Family Time in the leaves!! – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Monday, October 16, 2017

These littles are adorable! They were so vibrant and full of life. They were playful and giggly. The parents were pretty fabulous too!! Did you happen to notice the amazing leaves this fall? They are off the charts fantastic – the best they have been in years, we have been so spoiled by gorgeous weather and colors! All the good feels!!






He’s getting so big!! – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Friday, October 13, 2017

I photographed their engagement, wedding, newborn and every 6 months since he has been here. My heart bursts every time I get to see this little guy! I can’t believe how fast it goes! He has the best personality, he has been quite the charmer since day one. It’s amazing to watch him grow up and see all of his different stages and see him turn into a little toddler with his own mind. He is hysterical and so sweet. I just want to eat him up, I can’t get enough! I’m totally in love with Mom and Dad too, so it’s always a good time whenever I get to see this adorable fam. So much love for them!!! xoxo







Diego – Skyview – Class of 2018 – Senior Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I photographed this great guy’s older sister so was so excited when it was his turn for senior pics! He loves to snowboard and is considering being a pharmacist when he grows up. He is reserved but is up on the latest trends and fashions. If you want to get on his good side – give him his favorite snack – goldfish or his favorite candy – Twix. He couldn’t live without music, and his advice to freshman is to just enjoy High School. Have a fab senior year Diego!! xo




Love these Fur Babies – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

This adorable couple was ready for a love shoot after being married for awhile and having fur babies. We wanted to include their adorable pups in their session. They were so playful and fun! He just started PA school and she is a RN. They are such a cute couple and those are the luckiest dogs ever!! xoxo



Jade – Class of 2018 – West High – Senior Photographer – Billings, Mt – Montana Photographer

Jade loves to hang with her friends, she is funny and loyal. Her celebrity crush is Dave Franco and her favorite snack is Pizza Rolls. She couldn’t live without her purebred Alaskan dog and wants to do something with animals after she graduates. She is a total animal lover! Have a great senior year Jade!! xo




Peytan – West High – Class of 2018 – Senior Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Friday, October 6, 2017

The camera loves this girlie!! She has a fun original sense of style. Peytan loves to shop, and travel, she is really adventurous. She loves clothes, she couldn’t live without them and if she had $100 dollars it would go to her wardrobe. Her biggest pet peeve is copycats but her celebrity crush? – Justin Bieber. “The best thing about being a senior is you are almost done with school but the worst is life gets real.”
We had such a great morning with this gorgeous girl!!



Thank you! – Graham Family – Family Photographer – Billings, MT – Montana Photographer

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I already posted a pic right after and got a little sappy – but couldn’t help posting some more from this rainy Sat at the zoo. We feel so fortunate and grateful to be surrounded by so much love and support. We have the most generous and amazing friends and are so thankful. So many of you donated to Ty’s Crew 5 and helped our Rocky Hemophilia Chapter in immeasurable ways. All of that money stays within the local chapter and helps children and families around our state when they are in need due to medical expenses, helps us receive education and learn how to deal with and handle our chronic disease. This chapter has had a huge impact in Ty’s life and we are so thankful to those that help us give back and keep the chapter going. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to my JGP Street Team girls that come out on a rainy day and volunteered at the walk!xoxo