Wish on A Feather
I was honored that Nicole trusted me to capture her family at a very tender time in their lives. Nicole has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer and needs a liver transplant. She didn't know specifically what she wanted from our session. But I felt it was important to create an experience that combined symbolism with fun. A feather carried off by the wind is like a wish blown into the sky; and for fun - a family pillow fight. It was perfect. Nicole will not tell you the rest of their story.
Jacquelin: Through My Lens
I love photographing seniors. Each one is at a highly complex age and place in life, and it’s amazing how fast I have to move to try to capture so many emotions, so much energy. Jacquelin was bubbly, pensive, playful, calm, and I could go on and on trying to describe her. Take a look for yourself.
Everyday Moments with Sydney
Sydney was such an irresistible baby to photograph--curious one moment and reserved the next; walking and babbling and pouting and laughing. Most babies latch on to a favorite toy or blanket early on—their “loveys” you might call them. Sydney's favorite things made taking her pictures even more fun. Wait until you see…